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Runningman Home Inventory Database  v.

Runningman Home Inventory Database is released to be a proper and innovative tool which allows you to organize your household assets in an easy-to-use database.Major

Distributed Database System  v.0.3

Design & implementation of a distributed database system with: data replication, robustness, increase of performance and robustness as a result of distribution, independent view of local resources (locally stored data). For now only a subset of

Scalable, distributed database system  v.1.0

The project focuses on building a scalable distributed database system over software based virtualization

Wdb - weather/water database system  v.1.0.2

Open-source weather database system for storage of weather/water observations, forecasts, analysis fields, and hindcasts. includes loading program for GRIB files. Visit project website ( for further

Green Database System  v.1.0

The Green Database System (GreenDB) is a distrubtued, web-based database application designed to manage membership and supporter information for political parties, clubs, and other member-based organizations.

Jade Inventory Control System  v.1.0

Jade is a web-based Inventory Control System built using Ruby on Rails.It is designed to be a reliable, easy to use solution for keeping track of purchases, sales, clients, vendors, prices, discounts, and much more.

Common Platform Database System  v.1.0

A common database platform system which will be capable of running any kind of database and will behave like a database server.

BitDB OO Database System  v.1.0

bitDB is an extensible, self-defining Object Database / File System. The goal of this project is to port the concepts of the existing bitDB proprietry OR system into a stand-alone OO database server and supporting APIs.

The Emu Speech Database System  v.4.2

EMU is a collection of software tools for the creation, manipulation and analysis of speech databases. At the core of EMU is a database search engine which allows queries based on the sequential and hierarchical structure of the

CSV Database System  v.1.0

The CSV database is a PHP based simple database application, letting you manage records on a CSV spreadsheet.

Java Multi Platform MP3 Database System  v.1.0

Reinvent the wheel ? No ! But making the best out of current implementations of MP3 Databases and Archives. Combined with a straight mp3 Player and a fine ID3 Tagger tool

PHP-Object Database System  v.1.0

Simple and flexible MVC (model view controller) framework for PHP and MySQL.

JumpBox for the PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System  v.1.1.8

JumpBox for the PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System 1.1.8 is an easy to use and useful object-relational database system that's been under active development for over 15

Writers Database  v.1.2.1

A database system that enables writers to keep a track of the works they have created, the potential publishers they have identified and any submissions to those publishers. It allows you to quickly and easily see what works are awaiting a

Easy open object-oriented DataBase  v.1.0

The Easy open object-oriented DataBase (The "EoooDB") is a complete new database system, which has a whole object-oriented system designing, compared to classic object-oriented database system(such as HP's OSQL, etc.)

Hypatia library database manager  v.1.0

The Hypatia library database manager is a web-based, multilingual library catalog database system, adaptible for cataloging both physical and digital resources. This project is in the alpha stage of development.

Movie system  v.1.0

"Movie system" is database system for database of movie. Interface of system is simply and function. You can add some films to system, remove or change some record in system.

Emergency Services Database  v.1.0

A web-based database system for use by fire/EMS or Police departments to track personnel, equipment, administrative meetings and fire reporting. Fire reporting will need to be in NFIRS format or be transmitted via EDI.

MoView movie database  v.1.0

MoView aims to be an extremely simple and cut-down version of a movie database system. Instead of trying to fit in as much data on each movie as possible, it archives only the name, genre, and disc #. Further information is retrieved from the internet.

MultiZite Movie Database - MMDb  v.1.0

MultiZite Movie Database - MMD Movie inventory for the masses. MMD is an easy to use, database driven, movie inventory database.It uses SQL Server 2005 Express edition as backend. It's developed in full in Visual Studio.Net/VB.Net

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